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Don’t let life’s most precious moments slip away unnoticed. Trust Erie Photography, a team of skilled photographers in Erie, PA, to capture those cherished memories and preserve them for eternity. We understand the value of your special occasions and strive to beautifully frame each unique moment with our expertise and passion for photography.

Erie Photography is committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone event like a wedding or graduation, or simply want to freeze precious everyday moments in time, we are here to make it happen. Our team is dedicated to documenting your story and ensuring that the essence of every event is captured perfectly.

Contacting Erie Photography is the first step towards creating everlasting memories. With our wealth of experience, we know how important it is to connect with our clients on a personal level. This allows us to truly understand their vision, style, and preferences when it comes to photography.

Our talented photographers have honed their skills through years of practice and are well-versed in various photography techniques. From capturing candid shots full of emotion to organizing breathtaking family portraits, we have the versatility and creativity to bring any concept to life.

Let us handle the details while you focus on enjoying your special day. Our attentive team will work closely with you throughout the entire process – from initial consultation through editing and final delivery – ensuring that every image reflects your unique personality and style.

As trusted professionals in Erie, PA, we also take pride in using top-of-the-line equipment and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This commitment ensures that your photos will not only be visually stunning but also stand the test of time.

Don’t let fleeting moments become distant memories; reach out to Erie Photography today! Together, let’s create timeless keepsakes that will bring joy for generations to come.


Erie Photography

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Erie Photography: The Ultimate Choice for All Your Photography Needs

In today’s fast-paced and digital world, capturing memories and immortalizing moments has never been more important. Erie Photography is your one-stop solution for all your photography and videography needs. With a diverse range of services like wedding photography, portrait photography, commercial photography, fine art photography, wall art photography, photo booth rental, and professional videography for weddings and commercial production, Erie Photography has got you covered. This article delves into the reasons why you should book and trust Erie Photography.

Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and cherished days of your life. Erie Photography understands this and offers exceptional wedding photography services to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. With an experienced team of skilled photographers and a keen eye for detail, Erie Photography ensures that every emotion, every loving glance, and every moment of joy is captured in stunning, high-quality images that you will cherish forever.

Portrait Photography

Whether you’re looking to update your family photos, capture a milestone moment or create a stunning professional headshot, Erie Photography’s portrait photography services cater to all your needs. Their talented photographers work closely with you to create portraits that reflect your personality and style, ensuring that your images stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Commercial Photography

In the competitive business world, standing out is crucial. Erie Photography’s commercial photography services help you achieve just that. From product photography and architectural photography to corporate headshots and event photography, their team of professionals is well-equipped to deliver high-quality images that will elevate your brand and showcase your products and services in the best possible light.

Fine Art Photography

Erie Photography offers fine art photography services that aim to create visually stunning images that evoke emotion and tell a story. Their talented photographers are skilled in capturing the beauty of landscapes, nature, and architecture, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art. Fine art photography by Erie Photography adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, making it the perfect addition to your home or office.

Wall Art Photography

Transform your living or working space with Erie Photography’s wall art photography service. They offer a wide range of captivating images, from landscapes and cityscapes to abstract art and nature shots, all designed to complement your interior design and create a unique and inspiring atmosphere. With a variety of sizes, materials, and custom framing options available, Erie Photography ensures that your wall art is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Photo Booth Rental

Add a fun and interactive element to your event with Erie Photography’s photo booth rental service. Their modern, user-friendly photo booths are perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, and more, providing your guests with a memorable experience and a personalized keepsake. With a wide range of props, backdrops, and customizable print templates, Erie Photography’s photo booth rentals are a surefire way to make your event unforgettable.


Professional Videography for Weddings and Commercial Production

In addition to their photography services, Erie Photography also offers professional videography for weddings and commercial production. Their experienced videographers use state-of-the-art equipment to capture every moment and detail of your special day or to create a compelling visual narrative for your commercial project. With a keen understanding of storytelling and a passion for excellence, Erie Photography’s videography services deliver high-quality, captivating videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Why You Should Trust and Book Erie Photography

Erie Photography’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction sets them apart from the competition. With years of experience and a team of passionate professionals, they ensure that your photography and videography needs are met with the highest level of quality and attention to detail. Their diverse range of services, customized approach, and dedication to capturing the essence of each moment make Erie Photography the ultimate choice for all your photography and videography needs.

In conclusion, choosing Erie Photography for your wedding, portrait, commercial, fine art, and wall art photography, photo booth rental, and professional videography needs is a decision you won’t regret. Trust Erie Photography to capture the moments that matter most and transform them into lasting memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. Book your session with Erie Photography today, and experience the difference for yourself.

Many of our Photography Services have immediate quotes available. Just reach out to connect with us.

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Wedding Photographers In Erie PA

ErieWedPhotos by Erie Photography

Wedding Photography

” The Best Weddings Start with a Perfect Engagement “

Perhaps the Greatest Adventure is that of Love. From the “YES” at the engagement to the “I DO” at the Wedding Ceremony, Your Entire Love Story, is Made Up of all these Moments. That’s Exactly why Erie Wedding Photography is your partner on this Momentous Day.

“We Will Capture Your Unique Wedding Experience.”

Telling Your Love Story

Your love story is made up of the times you share with each other. Your wedding is the culmination of those memories. Your Wedding day blur will be a blur, but Erie Photography will preserve every moment big or small to record  your epic love story. After all, your wedding day is completely unique. Turn your moments into timeless memories. Trust a Professional Wedding Photographer like Erie Wedding Photography.

“Capturing Your Unique Wedding Memories”

Wedding Photo and Video at Erie’s Histroic Wedding Venue

The Chapel at Granite Ridge

When it comes to capturing the unique charm and romance of your special day at Erie PA’s newest historical wedding venue, The Chapel at Granite Ridge, Erie Photography is your go-to service. Their team of dedicated professionals are experts at encapsulating the rustic elegance of this venue, blending the rich history of the chapel with the contemporary touches of your celebration. With their keen eye for detail, every photo and video is sure to reflect the beauty of your nuptials against this stunning backdrop.

Erie Photography’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. They understand that every wedding is unique, and they strive to capture the essence of your love story in every shot. With their state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, they ensure that every precious moment is preserved for you to relive and cherish. Whether it’s the grandeur of the ceremony in the chapel, or the joyous reception under the Pennsylvania sky, Erie Photography is the perfect choice to document your wedding day at The Chapel at Granite Ridge.

Book Your Wedding Photographer

Capture the magic of your special day with Erie Photography! Contact our expert Erie wedding photographers now to book your wedding and engagement photo services. Don’t miss out on preserving your precious memories—reach out to us today!


We've been incredibly fortunate to receive a wave of positive testimonials and reviews about Erie Photography's services. Our clients often highlight our team's ability to capture the essence of each moment, transforming them into timeless memories. They praise our professionalism, our keen eye for details, and our knack for making even the most camera-shy individuals feel comfortable in front of the lens. Furthermore, clients appreciate our prompt and responsive communication, ensuring their visions are accurately brought to life. As evidenced by our outstanding reviews, Erie Photography continues to deliver high-quality, emotive images that exceed client expectations time and time again.

Erie Photography Services

Wedding Photographers

Capture the joy and beauty of your wedding day with captivating photography that will keep your precious memories alive forever!

Portrait Photographers

Capture precious memories and rejoice in the joy of portrait photography, which immortalizes your most treasured moments forever!

Commercial Photographers

Introduce yourself and your brand to new clients with commercial photography, and propel your business and brand to an exciting new level!

Professional Videography

Videography brings your story to life with vivid visuals and immersive audio, capturing your narrative in an unforgettable way! Preserve your precious memories forever.

Photo Booth Rentals

Make your event more enjoyable with entertaining and memory-capturing photo booth rentals! Enjoy the thrill of laughter and create lasting memories with unforgettable experiences! Learn how to maximize your fun today!


Discover our stunning collection of the latest photography work, showcasing genuine weddings and events that we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Our professional photographers have expertly documented these special moments, reflecting the joy, love, and excitement that make each occasion unique. Take a closer look at our impressive portfolio and immerse yourself in the beauty of our exceptional photography. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and exceptional results. Experience the magic of these unforgettable moments by exploring our diverse selection of real weddings and events, and let our skilled photographers bring your own special day to life.

Erie Photographers

Welcome to Erie Photography, where we bring your moments to life through the lens. Our team of passionate and experienced photographers and videographers are dedicated to capturing the essence of every occasion, ensuring that your memories are preserved in stunning visual form.

Meet our talented professionals who are ready to turn your vision into reality.

At Erie Photography, we understand the importance of preserving your precious moments. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality photographs and videos that will be cherished for a lifetime. We invite you to explore our portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss how we can capture and preserve your most memorable experiences.

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Tips & Tricks

Photography Blog

Read Our Erie Photographers blog is an invaluable resource to prepare for your upcoming photo shoot, as it offers a multitude of benefits that will undoubtedly elevate your final results. By immersing yourself in this blog, you will gain access to expert advice, tips, and techniques from experienced photographers who have honed their craft in various genres and styles. This knowledge will enable you to enhance your own photography skills and capture stunning visuals that truly stand out.

Moreover, the blog features inspiring content, showcasing an array of breathtaking and thought-provoking images that can spark your creativity and help you develop a unique vision for your photo shoot. You will also find practical guidance on selecting the perfect equipment, scouting picturesque locations, and mastering various lighting conditions to ensure your photographs are nothing short of extraordinary.

Furthermore, the Erie Photography blog fosters an enthusiastic community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography. Engaging with this community will provide you with invaluable feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement, enabling you to refine your skills and grow as a photographer.

In summary, exploring the Erie Photography blog is an essential step to prepare for your photo shoot, as it will equip you with the knowledge, inspiration, and support needed to achieve remarkable, memorable images.

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