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Welcome to Erie Photography’s Wedding Photographers Page! This is the place where love stories are captured in the most beautiful and authentic way.

The Importance of Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portraits are more than just a collection of images. They are a celebration of your unique love story, a testament to your journey together, and a preview of the beautiful future that lies ahead of you. These photos mark the beginning of a new chapter, capturing the joy, excitement, and love that you share as a couple.

Why Trust a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Photographs are the timeless mementos that let you relive your wedding day for years to come. They capture the love, laughter, and even the tears that make your special day one-of-a-kind. And that’s why it’s vital to trust a professional wedding photographer to capture these precious moments.

At Weddings by Erie Photography, we believe that every couple deserves breathtaking portraits that encapsulate the emotion and beauty of their wedding day. With a professional photographer, you’re not just getting someone with a camera; you’re investing in an expert who understands how to frame a shot, capture the perfect lighting, and bring out the best in everyone.

Choose Erie Photography for Your Engagement and Wedding Portraits

Our team at Erie Photography brings years of experience and a keen artistic eye to every wedding we cover. We’re skilled in capturing spontaneous moments of joy, intimate exchanges, and all the intricate details that make your day unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell your love story through stunning, high-quality images.

We understand that every wedding is different and work closely with you to understand your vision. We’re dedicated to making you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, ensuring that your personality shines through in every photograph.

Don’t just take our word for it – explore our portfolio to see the magic we’ve created for other couples.

When you choose Weddings by Erie Photography, you’re not just hiring a photographer; you’re partnering with a team who will be there to capture your day in the most beautiful, authentic way possible. Trust us to immortalize your special day in pictures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Ready to start your journey with us? Book Erie Photography today and let us turn your moments into timeless memories.

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Portfolio

Discover our stunning collection of the latest photography work, showcasing genuine weddings and events that we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Our professional photographers have expertly documented these special moments, reflecting the joy, love, and excitement that make each occasion unique. Take a closer look at our impressive portfolio and immerse yourself in the beauty of our exceptional photography. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and exceptional results. Experience the magic of these unforgettable moments by exploring our diverse selection of real weddings and events, and let our skilled photographers bring your own special day to life.

Incredible Wedding At Lakeshore Vineyards- Tyler & Pauline

Incredible Wedding at Lakeshore Vineyards- Tyler & Pauline

Gorgeous Wedding At Burch Farms- Ben & Bree

Gorgeous Wedding at Burch Farms- Ben & Bree

Beautiful Wedding At Arundel Winery- Cass & Kayla

Beautiful Wedding at Arundel Winery- Cass & Kayla

Cute Wedding In Millcreek Pa- Jon & Lisa

Cute Wedding in Millcreek Pa- Jon & Lisa

Breathtaking Peek’N Peak Resort Wedding Day- Bryce & Lianne

Breathtaking Peek’n Peak Resort Wedding Day- Bryce & Lianne

Gorgeous Wedding At Peek’N Peak Resort- Evan & Brittany

Gorgeous Wedding at Peek’n Peak Resort- Evan & Brittany

Amazing Wedding At The Bayfront Convention Center- Melvin & Lee

Amazing Wedding at The Bayfront Convention Center- Melvin & Lee

Fantastic Wedding At Quincy Cellars- Ted & Autumn

Fantastic Wedding at Quincy Cellars- Ted & Autumn

Colorful Wedding At The Avalon Hotel- David & Jessica

Colorful Wedding at The Avalon Hotel- David & Jessica

Winter Wedding In Harborcreek- Mike & Amber

Winter Wedding in Harborcreek- Mike & Amber

Fun Wedding At Lakeview Country Club- Joe & Megan

Fun Wedding at Lakeview Country Club- Joe & Megan

Sweet Wedding In Waterford- Zane & Jenna

Sweet Wedding in Waterford- Zane & Jenna

Stunning Wedding At Majestic Woods- Kiddany & Caitlyn

Stunning Wedding at Majestic Woods- Kiddany & Caitlyn

Exquisite Wedding At Lantern Court- Dylan & Emily

Exquisite Wedding at Lantern Court- Dylan & Emily

Colorful Wedding At Zem Zem Shriners- Tad & Hannah

Colorful Wedding at Zem Zem Shriners- Tad & Hannah

Blissful Wedding In Cambridge Springs- Eric & Isabella

Blissful Wedding in Cambridge Springs- Eric & Isabella

Beautiful Wedding At First Alliance Church- Noah & Nina

Beautiful Wedding at First Alliance Church- Noah & Nina

Beautiful Wedding At Stephany’S Catering- Tommy & Shannon

Beautiful Wedding at Stephany’s Catering- Tommy & Shannon

Gorgeous Wedding At Riverside Golf Club- Tyler & Kendra

Gorgeous Wedding at Riverside Golf Club- Tyler & Kendra

Gorgeous Mound Grove Wedding Day- Michael & Lynnea

Gorgeous Mound Grove Wedding Day- Michael & Lynnea

Fantastic Wedding At Pymatuning Reservoir- Trevor & Ashley

Fantastic Wedding at Pymatuning Reservoir- Trevor & Ashley

Wonderful Wedding At Whispering Trees Manor- Tyler & Kelsey

Wonderful Wedding at Whispering Trees Manor- Tyler & Kelsey

Charming Wedding At The Woodland Lodge- Jacob & Roxanne

Charming Wedding at The Woodland Lodge- Jacob & Roxanne

Quaint Outdoor Wedding In Linesville Pa

Quaint Outdoor Wedding in Linesville Pa

Incredible Wedding At Beach Glass Estates- Robert & Sarah

Incredible Wedding at Beach Glass Estates- Robert & Sarah

Charming Wedding In North East Pa- Matthew & Susan

Charming Wedding in North East Pa- Matthew & Susan

Wonderful Wedding At The School House In Fairview- Chris & Jen

Wonderful Wedding at The School House in Fairview- Chris & Jen

Stunning Wedding At St. Peter’S Cathedral- Corey & Ashley

Stunning Wedding at St. Peter’s Cathedral- Corey & Ashley

Elegant Erie Yacht Club Wedding- Stephen & Lauren

Elegant Erie Yacht Club Wedding- Stephen & Lauren

Sweet Wedding At Mound Grove- Vince & Becca

Sweet Wedding at Mound Grove- Vince & Becca

Beautiful Wedding At Sparrow Pond- Cory & Kellsey

Beautiful Wedding at Sparrow Pond- Cory & Kellsey

Unforgettable Wedding At The Masonic Temple- Curtis & Amanda

Unforgettable Wedding at the Masonic Temple- Curtis & Amanda


We've been incredibly fortunate to receive a wave of positive testimonials and reviews about Erie Photography's services. Our clients often highlight our team's ability to capture the essence of each moment, transforming them into timeless memories. They praise our professionalism, our keen eye for details, and our knack for making even the most camera-shy individuals feel comfortable in front of the lens. Furthermore, clients appreciate our prompt and responsive communication, ensuring their visions are accurately brought to life. As evidenced by our outstanding reviews, Erie Photography continues to deliver high-quality, emotive images that exceed client expectations time and time again.

Erie Photographers

Welcome to Erie Photography, where we bring your moments to life through the lens. Our team of passionate and experienced photographers and videographers are dedicated to capturing the essence of every occasion, ensuring that your memories are preserved in stunning visual form.

Meet our talented professionals who are ready to turn your vision into reality.

At Erie Photography, we understand the importance of preserving your precious moments. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality photographs and videos that will be cherished for a lifetime. We invite you to explore our portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss how we can capture and preserve your most memorable experiences.

Eve Frank

Eve Frank


Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank

Director of Photography

Deangelo Dixon

DeAngelo Dixon


Matthew Nesgoda

Matthew Nesgoda


Tips & Tricks

Wedding and Engagement Photography Blog

Read Our Erie Photographers blog is an invaluable resource to prepare for your upcoming photo shoot, as it offers a multitude of benefits that will undoubtedly elevate your final results. By immersing yourself in this blog, you will gain access to expert advice, tips, and techniques from experienced photographers who have honed their craft in various genres and styles. This knowledge will enable you to enhance your own photography skills and capture stunning visuals that truly stand out.

Moreover, the blog features inspiring content, showcasing an array of breathtaking and thought-provoking images that can spark your creativity and help you develop a unique vision for your photo shoot. You will also find practical guidance on selecting the perfect equipment, scouting picturesque locations, and mastering various lighting conditions to ensure your photographs are nothing short of extraordinary.

Furthermore, the Erie Photography blog fosters an enthusiastic community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography. Engaging with this community will provide you with invaluable feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement, enabling you to refine your skills and grow as a photographer.

In summary, exploring the Erie Photography blog is an essential step to prepare for your photo shoot, as it will equip you with the knowledge, inspiration, and support needed to achieve remarkable, memorable images.

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